Do you want to help others? Hillsborough County needs volunteers for a variety of activities. Take the quiz below to find the volunteer opportunity for which you're best suited. Answer as many or as few questions as you like. Leaving a section blank means you have no preference.

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Take part, help others, and feel good about yourself!

  1. How do you want to volunteer?

  2. Would you rather help?

  3. Which is most important to you?

  4. How physical (and possibly dirty) do you want to get?

  5. What type of work best suits you?

  6. Do you prefer to help one-on-one basis or be part of a larger group?

  7. What is your preferred time commitment?

  8. Are you willing to obtain special certifications, training, skills?

  9. Are you willing to submit to additional conditions (talent releases, background screenings, and confidentiality agreements)?